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Welcome to the
ANANKE Comic Series!

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Image by Wesley Tingey

Welcome to the mysterious world of ANANKE!  

A modern, visual science fiction series that explores the relationship between man and machine, science and spirituality. 


Immerse yourself into this futuristic landscape and open your heart and mind to the ancient off-world discoveries our A.I. characters bring to light. It is my hope that through engaging storytelling, unique characters, and certain scientific disciplines (which I discuss in my Mission Statement), we can learn a little bit about ourselves and the realities we create.


Thank you for taking the first step here.

Now let’s journey the universe together, in both our inner and outer worlds. 🚀🤖💫


Our Books

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How did I get here?

Publishing ANANKE independently was no easy feat.


In fact, it took constant dedication and creative problem solving for years.

But I kept myself focused on the end goal because ANANKE is more than just a science fiction, it’s an invitation to alternative ways of thinking that I find fascinating! (and I hope you will too!) ✨

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One of my favorite things to do (besides working on ANANKE, of course!) is commiserating with others on all the nerdy things in life that make it more captivating, nostalgic, and colorful!


Join me on this little lifestyle vlog showcasing all the things I love and have made me who I am - like video games, cinema, anime, manga/comics, crystals, space, and the “spooky science” Albert Einstein called quantum physics!


You can find me on Instagram and TikTok!

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Please follow ANANKE on Instagram and see how our story unfolds!

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