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Alexandria D., Preview Reader

I finished ANANKE: The Prologue in one sitting and immediately wanted to read it again. The story had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next, while simultaneously drawing me into the world of the characters and their lives. It’s an incredibly powerful story told with tenderness and reverence for the genre. I loved getting lost in ANANKE and can’t wait for the next chapter!

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Stephanie S., Preview Reader

ANANKE: The Prologue is an absolutely fascinating exploration of the differences between man and machine… or lack thereof. Immediately had to pass it to my husband to read.  Can’t wait to see what Natalie Raffaele has in store for us next! 

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Charles K., Preview Reader

ANANKE: The Prologue is engaging and the artwork is truly phenomenal. I was left eagerly anticipating the next chapter and would love to see this brought to life as a fantasy live-action series. Your talent and dedication are clearly evident here, and you should be proud of what you've accomplished. Keep up the great work!



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